Installing A Security Camera System, What You Need To Think About Before You Buy
We decided to install a security camera, and if you are going to do the same there are a few things you need to think about before buying your parts. We will go over the parts you need, what we bought and will show some of the footage that comes out of our four megapixel Amcrest security camera.

How to create networking patch cables:

Amazon affiliate links:

Security Camera:

PoE Switch:

500' CAT6 Network Cable:

CAT6 Crimp Connectors:

Network Crimp Tool:

1 Network 2 Coax Plate:

6 Network Plate:

Storage hard Drive:

Not shown in the video, but will be installed with the next phase:

Security Motion Light:

6 LED IR Emitter:

12 LED IR Emitter:

Power Adapter:

Power Splitter:

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