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It's another late night crossing the deadline finish line, whew!  This week's cartoon is 100% me, not even any voice actors on this one.  Funny, ALL of my animation used to be that way.  I definitely prefer using professional voice actors, but this week's cartoon needed a boring, flat voice-- and I can do that!  I wanted it to sound tinny and a little echo-y, so I just recorded right into the built-in mic on my laptop.  (Which actually didn't sound as bad as I wanted it to sound!)

Well, I bet Mitch McConnell wishes he could have kept the Senate health care bill secret until after the vote.  First that whole representative democracy thing got in the way, then the CBO came out with a report that basically confirmed everyone’s worst fears about this terrible bill.

As of now, Senate Republicans aren’t even going to put the bill up for a vote until after the Fourth of July recess.  (Which is still not enough time to make this bill anything close to sane.)  The Senate Trumpcare bill was initially doomed by guys like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who didn’t think the bill was mean enough.  Trumpcare was blocked from the right, which gave an opening for it to be blocked by more moderate Republicans.

Even though the Affordable Care Act has problems, it is much better than dropping 22 million people from their health insurance and chopping Medicaid by $772 billion or so.  I guess those are the fun things you do if you’re trying to drown government in the bathtub and “deconstruct the administrative state.”  Fortunately, those aren’t the sort of things most people in the United States want to do.  

Enjoy those empathy genes, and as always, thank you SO much for your ongoing support!  Let me know what you'd like to see here on Patreon, I've got my own plans and schemes but I'd love to hear from you.

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