Integral 'Marketing'
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I think Patreon is it, an Integral marketing method. 

So far so good. Patreon guides me along with every step I make, trying to stimulate me when I postpone. They use suggestions I heard before but without the pushy 'edge' to it. 

I feel Patreon is primary invitational and that is exactly what I want to be: inviting. I asked for an 'integral marketing method' in epilogue of my first book. Being new at the marketing stuff I had bought a highly overprized, badly organised course on publishing and marketing. Granted, it helped me out of the rut I was stuck in with writing. But this marketing method was a funneling method. 

I had been funneled myself into buying it and I did not like it at all. No way that I would want to funnel others as it is the opposite of the transparent communication I am ambassadoring. On my search for a good 'marketing-method-match' I went with the social media thing (I don't twitter though) and considered crowdfunding for my 2nd book, but Patreon offers more openings to really connect and create a form of 'togetherness' that joins your Life questions and potential with my Life passion and potential. 

So, I am enthusiastic. I broadly followed the way #jordanpeterson set up his Patreon page because I am a creative clinical psychologist with a practical and educational streak like him. He's more extraverted though....but I'm learning.  

Thank you for reading. Thank you for contemplating to participate in my Quest for Living fully Alive, together. 

Warmly, Enjoy your day, Mar