Integrating Performance
I had the privilege of attending La Pocha Nostra's performance workshop in June at Telekheia in Santa Fe, NM. Together with Guillermo Gomez-Peña, the incredible La Pocha Nostra collective, and twenty four other artists we explored body as site and medium for experimental performance. We created images with our bodies and experiences through the senses. It was an intense experience that culminated with a double rainbow photo shoot and epic dance party at the gorgeous new Telekheia artist residency space. This workshop has opened my entire body and mind to new paths in personal growth, new ways to approach my work as an artist and collaborator, and solidified my desire to work with activism as a focus in this project. Knowing full well that I will be digesting my experiences there for months to come, I am already beginning to see how they are influencing the planning for my next big piece. 

In partnership with Dig and Serve speakeasy underground supper club and Central Features Contemporary Art I am currently writing my first ever performance score (!!) for an interactive dinner/art experience on September 10. I'll be collaborating with several performers to immerse the dinner guests in a unique art experience that will reflect the process of The P.I. Project, my current work in progress.  It is so exciting to have this opportunity to push the boundaries of what my work can be and I can't wait to share it with you! If you are local to New Mexico and want to purchase a ticket contact Central Features right now. These tickets WILL sell out. 

I am also discovering the depths of the collaborative nature of The P.I. Project through my current clients. My job has multiple layers to it: 

          1. I am a P.I. in training, meaning I am not an expert yet. It has been humbling to have to ask for help in navigating the maze-like world of private investigation. Luckily, I have had some incredible supporters, most of which I have met only through this project. I am learning some legit skills along the way that I know will serve me well throughout this entire work. It is becoming more clear to me that I need to raise enough money to subscribe to a professional search tool and soon.

          2. Clients have many different needs and a great deal of negotiating and navigation are necessary to fulfill my job as private investigator as well as artist. Discovering the territories where those roles mingle and conflict have been critical and challenging to say the least. I am grateful for the patient engagement of my current clients and look forward to working with future clients in exploring their unique stories.

         3. Performance has a place in every aspect of this work. I was seeing the possibilities of integrating performance in how I present the work to different types of audiences until I took the La Pocha Nostra workshop. Through the pedagogy of the workshop as well as my discussions with the participants and teachers I now see how performance happens in each interaction with clients, telling the story of what I do, telling my own story in my every day, and in how I engage with the world around me about the work I make. Art is life and life is art.

Also - please keep in mind that I have some special plans in the works just for Patrons. You will notice a few adjustments to the rewards section in the next week but please rest assured that there will always be benefits just for patrons. I am every grateful for patron support and hope to build that support over the course of the project.

Be well and keep your eyes peeled!


PS: This image is from the La Pocha Nostra photo shoot where my P.I. Badass Bitch persona was born. I will keep borrowing cameras to use until I get raise enough money to buy my own!!!

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