"Interaction" (WIP) Intermediate Result
Hey there!

I've made some progress regarding the completion of my project "Interaction", watch the animation by clicking this link:


It still takes some time to draw fitting inbetweens, because I'm still not used to features like hair or in general volume of body parts and stuff like that.

You can imagine me brooding over the next frame, or put a lot of time in the timing and spacing of motion and action.

I think, I can finish this project within this week. I'm sure that when I drew the last frame, I will go back and review the whole thing. Should I find a series of frames or single frames, that make me feel uncomfortable, I will spend the time needed to rework it.

Today I already see some things that I don't like, but I think it's better to get a first result and then go back and change some details. I just want to make sure, that the basic framework is in a healthy state.

I wanted you guys to stay updated about my doing and my work. See you soon!