Interactions from the Past Version 4d released

 Interactions from the Past is a mod that reintroduces interactions and objects from previous sims games into The Sims 4.    

This mod requires Scumbumbo's XML Injector v2 to be installed! Some interactions won't show up otherwise. Here's a download link to that.  

Rest in Peace, Scumbumbo.

Version 4d Changelog:

  • Sims can now dance on counters again.
  • Sims can no longer dip kiss with other sims whom they don't have romantic relationships with.

Thanks to these patrons for supporting me! 

Simminglugubrious, Angel, morticia flowers, Jason Beck, Olivia Heart, CNTJManoi, (Jamie) Simeroid, Jesse Hoffman, Berman Comon, Lila, Siren Bredesen, PeowMeow, Leila Beam, Britney Johnson, Alexandra Iordache, Wanda Jones-Most, Sally, Jeannedark Terraguard, Tasha Skyler Hillier, Odyssea, Andreeva, Henk, totora bailey, Mani James, lani, MS, Erin 0, Brad.and.Lina, Ttlafree, Ms Diva, Cait, 1997, Phillip Blocker, dreamteam67, Jessica M, Rémi Picard, LiL, Nilo Johannsen, Tanya Willadson, eee, Michela Santori, Irfansyah Aryabima, Danutsa, Elias, Justin Yoon, Emily, CJ, Thomas Clifford, Alexis Monette, Katie Bewley, Lunaviney, Michael Slaboszewski, Miguel M, Uvonne Jones-Most, Homomilk, onlyabidoang, BlackPiano, Dana Slade, Kenta, Marlene Johnson, Judge_Dreddpool, Laura, Lexi, Miriah Reid, Jeff Joutras, William Tunnicliff-Rosser, Liz, Nathan Pereira, Baabzie, Jeff Tansworth, Béatrice, Sheila Lobert, FreelancerCaboose, Joe Novinson, SweetLilja, Joy Anna Perniciaro, Beth Turvey, Mizzie, Gill Reid, Ashley Ivy, Emil Andonov, romy panayiotis, naominaomii, Marnie Belle, KmrHackrz

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