Interactive nations
We are planning to tailor map as a single global entity with different zoom levels. Initially, the map will only show the starting province, prologue’s location in Lonvenholm. As you progress through the story, the camera will rise up to show new interactive territories and increase in player’s capabilities, both in power and influence.

The result is a modular system, which can be upgraded with additional events, dungeons and other types of content, regardless of how far players may advance.

Now, a few words about active nations:

Lonvenholm is a forest-mountainous region, with ideas from Germany and Norway with a mix of different Germanic tribes and Viking culture. Pretty common fantasy setting with European face starts the story of your adventures. Origin starter points and major part of chapter one will take place here.

Area music consists of common medieval folk arrangements.

Sacria is situated in an idealistic forest-flat terrain, inspired by Italian landscapes. The country is heavily based on religion with positive alignment. Yeah, paladins with a twist. Contact with Sacria will be possible after some progress in the first chapter of the game.

Area music has a lot of classic-like European melodies with emphasis on strings and brass.

Free Islands or Frees. An archipelago located to the south of Lonveholm. It is populated by pirates with a clan system, but without any state-like ruling. Here you can meet vagabonds and riffraff of all nations and races. Frees may provide mercenary units for your army. After chapter 1, additional options will unlock.

Music consists of all variations and styles presented in the game to convey to Free’s spirit and nature.

Nar’Hatly. A barren desert-like region found to the northeast from Lonvenholm, inspired by the Middle East. It bears little vegetation or water sources, which pushed the state to the aggressive approach towards neighbors, including wars for resources and fertile land. Nar’Hatly is scheduled to be part of chapter 2 and further.

We’ll try to give tunes a little Mid-eastern flavor with the accent on strings.

Jatai covers the huge steppe area and will be a source of Far East cultures with hints of China and Japan. To make a visible difference this nation will make emphasis on technology instead of magic. Jatai is scheduled to play a part after a solid advancement of the main story plot. Think of Silk Road, etc, etc.

It’s quite far in the future, but I want to weave some national tunes into Jatai’s soundtrack.

Scathian is situated around tropic zone, further south both from Lonvenholm and Free Islands. It’s populated by pict tribes, worshiping pagan gods. Does WAAAAGH ring a bell? The main action is planned for 2+ chapter.

Scathian will use tribal motives with quick-paced melodies and emphasis on the drums.