An Interactive Map of Hyrule #2
Since my previous update, I learned that there were actually 900 Korok Seeds in the game! :O

So far I've gone through and plotted Great Plateau, West Necluda, East Neculda and Akkala and that's only for Shrines and Korok Seeds! Even when using other online guides and aggressive fast travelling, it still takes a lot of time to travel to each one and mark it on my map, fortunately I have a WIP UI for adding markers (see attached).

A new thing that's unique to my implementation of the Hyrule map is marking areas where you can find various materials, animals and weapons with the idea being you'll be able to search these and filter out the ones with stuff you are after. Still tweaking marker icons as ideally you'd want to be able to pick out certain things at a glance without having to inspect them.

I'm going to focus on getting all the Shrines mapped out first and then get as many Koroks marked down as possible. There's such a ridiculous number of things to find in this game that it would honestly take me months to map everything out :/