Interconnected Collectives

The Awakening Sovereignty Collective mission is to reclaim access to our Earth and its resources to unconditionally provide for the basic rights of humankind.

We do this through cooperative businesses that create regenerative and ever-expanding income streams through offering services that benefit all involved. These businesses and the communities that back them use a evolutionary structure nicknamed "interconnected collectives".

Each collective has its own Governance Shares, Resources Shares, and Currencies. Each Governance share is a single vote. Each collective decides how it makes choices; from total consensus, majority consensus, or any other form of decision-making. Each Resource share represents a portion of the of that collective. Resource shareholders are given a % of digital and crypto-currencies minted by that collective. Holding shares of both kinds increases ones place in the que when requesting access to anything that collective stewards. Collectives may issue shares to individuals or other collectives.

Allowing for Sovereign Dynamic Stewardship of all things measurable between any number of individuals.

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