Interface Fractures IV. - IF4Q
   Hello everyone!

So after my last paid post - video & release "Requiem for the Future: A.I. " - the countdown towards the premiere of Interface Fractures IV started to make some serious pressure. For various technical and other reasons it didn't happened in December as planed, but was postponed to January 20th. So I continued to work as best as I could towards this deadline, amongst other things, and so, managed to finish and perform the piece this last friday, to my greatest joy.

It was cold at the venue despite the rented heater. But on the other hand there was a decent amount of people and some crazy equipment (7000 lux HD projector and pretty powerful sound system) and I felt it all made worth it. Got some thorough feedback - it's always great when people tell you what they liked and what not, how they felt - repulsed, attracted, indifferent (well, you rarely get that last one), and it seemed people enjoyed it. It gave me the feels, as they say these days in internetspeak.

I still feel the piece is not yet finished - it needs polishing, correcting, improving... but it's here, with head & tail, and out there, it's gone public, available for touring. And that, I think, is important. 

I have recorded it on camera and you can see a sneak peak into the live action - all with grainy picture and reverberating lo-fi sound as it was captured by the device in that great Cirkulacija2 space  in Ljubljana. In case you are around, you may catch it again on 2. February at Cafe Pritličje as part of Kamizdat label showcase at festival MENT.

Patrons, I must thank you for your support, you helped me make sound and music and code and video, and I seriously appreciate it!

PS: for those interested: IF4Q was created with: Processing, SuperCollider and Renoise in (of course) Linux and many other handy tools like Gimp, FFmpeg, SoX, ImageMagick and Kdenlive.