Intergalactic Fusion Book 1 - Page 94
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I ended up spending a lot more time than I thought embellishing out details of the scales in the last panel there. And it's only supposed to be there purely for the purposes of symbolism instead of anything literal! That being said, though, it is quite the important symbol for not just for what the Federation stands for, but for the emotional stakes which this story will revolve around throughout the whole thing. So being able to establish the stakes this early on was worth it.

Also, a little subtle detail here: Whenever Torona makes an official decision, her third eye opens and shines a different color than usual, which, when combined with the symbolism in the last panel there, serves as foreshadowing. Although since this is a pretty routine sort of meeting, I haven't officially devoted any panels calling this detail out...yet.

And hey, now we know that Lumerian guy's name is Kel-Zich! Who would have thought?? *cough* TotallynotrelatedtoanyotherKel-ZichcharactersImight'vemadeinthepast *cough*