Intermission update - Public release

I bet you are asking yourself: "The hell is an intermission update?" And that's exactly the right question! Let me explain: Though this update is actually a part of Mei's storyline, it is centered on the brawl between DVa and Widow, and Sombra's schemes. It would be kinda misleading to call it "yet another update for Mei". Don't worry though, our sweet bun is still getting her deserved portion of love and attention!

So, wanna see how DVa's fragile heterosexuality gets shattered by a cold, yet so charming French lady?

Download is open to everyone!

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What's new?
- More of Mei's storyline;
- New scenes, this time public;
- Updated existing sprites for Sombra;
- Added new "revealing" sprites for Sombra;
- Added new "nude" sprites for DVa;
- Added a little bonus for all you Sombra fans;
- Fixed sizes of Widow's "nude" sprites;
- Fixed the issue, where certain pics didn't match the resolution of the game;
- Updated the starting point after choosing the option to skip to the new content;
- Worsened saves compatibility.

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