Production is delayed, because Lauren and I took a trip to New Orleans! We stayed in the Garden District and took some tours. A few of my favorite photos are attached.  Every time I thought I'd seen the biggest goddamn house there was, I'd yell "That's Henre's house" and take a picture. Then we'd walk another block and find an even bigger house and I'd do exactly the same thing with absolutely no sense of irony or self-awareness.

And when I said "we took some tours," what I meant was "ghost tours." We picked up stories about a haunted sugar cane field, an axe murderer in the French Quarter, the assassination of an alleged Ottoman prince, and a vampire who claimed to be the son of the Comte de Saint-Germain... none of which will ever turn up in an episode of This Rising Tide, I swear.

I've been writing a few ghost stories of my own for ep 6, in which Marion gets locked in a haunted hotel with her former fiance. It's doomed relationships as far as the eye can see! Which ain't that far, being inside a hotel and all, but you get my meaning.

So much for May :P