International Self Portrait Day & WELCOME JENNY CLEMENTS! ^_^

Hello everyone!

Today has just been one of those days where I've had 101 things to do and not enough time to even count them all!! One thing I did want to get done today though was to observe International Self Portrait day, because who doesn't love an excuse to draw/paint their own face? ;) ... although you wouldn't guess it from this since I'm hiding most of mine.... 

I'm ALL about the nesting and the blankets atm cos this house is so cold.. that's why I'm all bundled up and this was painted from a photo taken JUST before I fell asleep! ^_^

Now that's out of the way I'd like to extend a massive welcome to my newest patron supporter; Jenny Clements! - Aka Stressed Jenny! :) Jen and I were in Uni together and I've been privileged to watch her art grow and develop over the years! Jen has her own (amazingly successful) Patreon for her comic Mias and Elle! Check it out here! XD   THANK YOU VERY MUCH for supporting me on here, Jen! 

^_^ November pledges are being processed, thanks to all my supporters for your support through October! Those of you who are waiting for originals and/or rewards thanks for your patience while I get on top of everything :) 

Best wishes!