International Ladies Day !
What better time to take a break from the hectic ness of moving and writing and upgrade a few little rewards for you all here on my Patreon? I now have four patrons, and if you compare that to how long I have actually been on Patreon attempting to set up and sell my soul.. I mean Art... Then by the end of the year I could have 12! And to me, that is such an important growth for the first official year of a business. Granted I try and create and share art in all other areas possible, but there is just something particularly special with what I share here at Patreon. Dont tell Instagram... But Patreon is like my favourite child. So today I will be strengthening my reward tiers and hoping to see a few more followers, or even patrons, along the way! Power to the ladies! And of course, a classic sketch here by me! Enjoy :) Shay X
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