Internet: The RPG
The internet was actin up, so we turnt up and fought it. This is how it went down... TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Thanks for nothin to our favorite streamer, Slipstream82 (Chad). Check him out at: Shout out to all our Patrons! You guys are ballers and you know it: Scott Larson Norman Richter Zack Higdon Darick Dang Jon Lang Alberto De Jesus
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We will follow you on Twitter!

Let's be honest, this is mostly just a donation from you guys....but every bit helps!  So THANK YOU.  We will follow you on Twitter from our main Twitter account as well as publicly thank you on Twitter for your donation. :)

Pledge $2 or more per Video
1 patron
We'll put your name in the description of our videos!

Everything in lower packages plus: In the description box of every YouTube video we release, your name (or nickname or whatever you want us to put in there) will be included as a helping producer for the video.

Pledge $5 or more per Video
2 patrons
We'll give you access to our online thread discussing new video ideas, patreon rewards, and more!

Everything in lower packages plus: Access to an exclusive online thread where we discuss video ideas, new Patreon rewards, future channel plans, and tons of other fun stuff and get your guys' feedback!

Pledge $10 or more per Video
2 of 10 patrons
Play games with us! (LoL or Minecraft mostly)

Everything in lower packages plus (this does not include the Google Hangout): This one is for all of our gamer fans!  You can choose from playing League of Legends, Minecraft, or potentially other video games (if there is public demand for it).  We will set up specific times throughout the week to play with you guys and make sure that whatever you sign up for, we'll have a time to play with you.  League of Legends will probably be ARAM games and Minecraft will be an exclusive Minecraft server where we work together to create elaborate civilizations AS WELL as journey to slay the Ender Dragon!

We are new to all of this stuff, so be patient with us please on the scheduling and gaming times.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone and just have tons of fun goofin' off with you guys! 

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Google Hangouts!

Everything in lower packages plus (this does not include the Gaming reward): Once every 2 weeks, we will host a Google Hangout where all of us can "hang out" and talk about whatever.  We can answer questions about YouTube, fellow YouTubers, our hobbies, relationship advice....WHATEVER you guys want.

Pledge $15 or more per Video
2 of 20 patrons
Exclusive VFX tutorial access!

Everything in lower packages plus: This is for all you VFX-aholics out there that want to hone your craft.  You will get limited access to tutorial videos (at least 1 per video we release) teaching how to do the different FX we used in that video.  We'll teach you how to be faster, more efficient, more creative, and overall more comfortable with your visual effects skills!

Pledge $25 or more per Video
0 of 5 patrons
Personalized videos from us!

Everything in lower packages plus: We will send you a personalized video message from us once a month and send it to your email or wherever you'd like!  We can sing you songs, recite you poetry, tell you jokes, or just say what's up.

Pledge $50 or more per Video
0 of 3 patrons
Personal Skype calls!

Everything in lower packages plus: Once a month we will have a personal, 30-minute Skype session with you to talk about whatever the heck you wanna talk about.  We can tell you some of our secrets to success on YouTube, how to cook super bomb chicken nuggets, or even just read the Harry Potter books together.  That's it though.  Those are the only topics of conversations allowed................;)

Pledge $100 or more per Video
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We'll shout you out on YouTube and box your channel on our main page!
Everything in lower packages plus: We will publicly shout out your YouTube channel after one of our videos and will openly box you on our main channel indefinitely (for those that don't know what "boxing" is on YouTube, it means that we will be publicly showing and promoting your channel from our main page so that whenever anyone visits our page to check out our stuff, they will also be directed to view your stuff as well).
Pledge $250 or more per Video
0 of 2 patrons
We'll involve you in our creative process (including influence and suggestions directly from you) and a personal phone call from us!

Everything in lower packages plus: We will call you personally to thank you for your contribution.  In addition, we will keep you involved in our creative process for each new project via an exclusive email thread where we ask you for your feedback, thoughts, or any other suggestions you have.  This won't just be general stuff about the video, but also more specific things like shots, jokes, etc... with the concept itself. (Example: Hey, what do you think of the way this shot looks like?...and then we show you a VFX shot that we are about to finish up).

Pledge $1,000 or more per Video
0 of 1 patrons
We'll make a video WITH you!
Everything in lower packages plus: We will personally work with you conceptually from start to finish to create a video dedicated to you and your idea!  (We will reserve the right to make adjustments or refuse an idea entirely if the content is obscene, racist, or worships Satan.....we ain't dealin with at! :))
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