An interstellar trip

                                           Image: Jonny Lindner 

 I  was returning home from work late, I was tired of that feeling of  belonging to someone else, basically gave my life to a corporation  unable to feel empathy for my needs.
While I  fantasized about the speech that I gave to myself  every night, about how I  would leave my work tomorrow, it is worth mentioning that I never did  it,  the next day I would get up and sell myself like I did every day.

 But tonight it was different, at some point I began to notice that everything on the road was quiet, dark, silent. Not even the typical cars that crossed me back home, other poor guys who had also sold themselves to the system.  I continued to advance, at that point the only thing I wanted was to get home. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with all that silence, suddenly, in front of me I saw a blinding light behind a mountain and a group of people standing in the middle of the road. I thought that  everything had made sense, they were probably doing repairs in the area and that's why everything was so quiet, surely they were just workers. But why had I been able to access the area? And above all, why did they seem to have such strange bodies? He did not seem to be dressed for work.
The more I got on the way to where they were, the more my fear grew, as I was finally able to see them completely. 

 It  was clear to me that they were not human, their bodies were extremely  long and made of pure energy, they did not have facial traits, they were  basically a body formed of pure light from which I could see through. At that moment I realized that I no longer felt fear, on the contrary,  I was in a state of complete peace and happiness, in fact I had the  sensation of being in front of people I had known for a long time.
I  got out of my car and approached them walking, I began to hear in my  mind that they were talking to me, welcoming me, apparently that meeting  between us was destined to happen. They  explained to me that at some point I had been one of them but that I  had decided to come and experience life on earth, at that moment it  seemed impossible to me that I had consciously decided to come to this  place since I hated it so much, but they said that I was curious to experience a different way of life and that I  had chosen the human one because of the whole range of emotions that  they handled and we did not, that made complete sense to me, because if  something I had always appreciated to be in this world it  is all the forms of expression that we enjoy as a result of the immense  range of emotions that the human being desperately needs to express. 

 They  told me they were aware that I was completely annoyed to be on this  planet, so they decided to come and remind me why I was here, the  mission that had been entrusted to me when they sent me. Apparently, this feeling of dissatisfaction with my life and everything that flowed around  it, was the product of my need to convey a message to others, a message  of conscience, an invitation to rethink what we see today as a normal existence, I  knew deep down in my mind that the way they force us to live could not  be normal, almost without being able to decide anything for ourselves,  and apparently I had come here to awaken awareness of it. My  brothers told me that since I was so overwhelmed by my existence here,  they had come to take me back home - are you ready to go home? It was the only thing I heard in my head.

The  love that emanated from them I could not ignore, I wanted so much to go  back home, what they offered me was basically my dream, to get away  from everything and get away from here. But  I did not think I was able to abandon my mission, I was so upset that  they offered to take me just for a moment back to home, so I could remember what  I had left behind, what I would be giving up. I  agreed, they took me between two of them and transported me to their ship, everything was familiar, once inside we started the trip home. I could not say how long it took us to get there.  But what I can tell you, is that the moment I arrived I knew that I would never go back...


                                                                            Written by Elizabeth Vargas

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