Interview about Emily Chappell's courier life - and book giveaway
Every now and then I pull together a list of vaguely "women's cycling" related books, and I always ask Feargal McKay, who reviews cycling books on Podium Café, for his advice.  This year he pointed me to Emily Chappell's book about her bike courier life, 'What Goes Around', and when he pinged the publisher, Faber & Faber, they sent me a copy, and asked if I'd like to interview Chappell.

Of course I said yes - the couriering is fascinating, and on top of that, Chappell has been having solo bike adventures around the world, and started Ultra Endurance racing - and I genuinely recommend this book, there's so much in there about London, life, how we make our own maps of a place.  So when Faber asked me if I wanted to interview Emily, of course I said yes to that too. 

We talked about cycling and life, and about the writing of it, and you can listen to it on my site, or read a partial transcript over on Podium Café.  And thanks to Faber, I have a free copy of the book to give away - my blog tells you all about it (leave me a comment on my site, or tweet me with #PigeonsGiveaway and I'll put your name into a cycling cap).  Of course, all the links to everything we talked about are on my site - and if you want to pre-order a copy of the book, you can do it on Amazon, or your favourite bookshop.