Interview regarding demon-wrangling ombudsman! IT buns update!
The above is an animated excerpt from a webcomic I’ve worked on as a side project to the bunnies, entitled, Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman. This particular excerpt is from a storyline called "The Inventor." I find it hard to believe this cartoon snippet took me A YEAR to complete! But complete it I did, thanks to the extremely helpful Creative Focus Workshop offered by Jessica Abel, whose comics work I had been a huge fan of for a very long time. 

Jessica recently interviewed me about my experience and reasons for needing a creative reboot, and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone undergoing similar creative struggles to check our her site. Her articles truly resonated with me, and the workshop gave me some genuine and necessary insights about my process.

In Work-In-Progress news, IT buns is in full swing, and I am currently in the drawing stage. I aim to start animation next week and do a little voicework tomorrow!