Interview With Abby Martin And Mike Prysner On Their Reporting From Venezuela
We welcome Abby Martin and Michael Prysner to the show. They recently took a trip to Venezuela and both have  faced threats from parts of the right-wing opposition in the country for their journalism.

Martin and Michael produce the weekly show, “The Empire Files.”  During the interview, they highlight the make-up of the opposition in  Venezuela. They share details about the violence they witnessed while on  the ground.

Both talk about the left-wing Chavism movement’s ability to withstand  the opposition.

Martin and Prysner also speak about the engagement of  Venezuelans, especially lower class citizens, in participatory democracy. They outline what is truly going on with private media companies in Venezuela that are sowing chaos. They address what they believed about the Venezuelan government under President Nicolas Maduro prior to their trip and how their perspectives shifted.

Follow the above link to hear the interview or go to iTunes and download it under "Unauthorized Disclosure."