Interview With Cindy Milstein On 'Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work Of Grief''
Cindy Milstein, the editor of Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work Of Grief,  joins the show for an interview on why we should not bury or make private our pain when we are grieving from death or loss as a result of injustice or systemic oppression. She talks about creating space for open grieving, as well as the authoritarian manners in which many citizens are expected to grieve.

Milstein contends that grief can open cracks in the walls of the system and create possibilities for contestation and reconstruction, intervulnerability and strength, empathy and solidarity."

It is the first in a series of interviews from contributors to the collection of essays available from AK Press.

*Update: Fixed a small audio issue at the beginning. Enjoy!

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