Interview with SciArt Magazine
What a wonderful way to start 2018. No random resolutions, instead a positive impression being impressed into me again as I re-read and re-committed to what I wrote for this interview with the curator of Submerged at SciArt Center, NY. 

I head down to Mexico on the 9th to go to a Healthy Reefs event and learn their latest, and then take care of Zoe. The glass globe needs some cleaning (see those calcium spots?). 

It's important to document and transplant, reconnect with the volunteers, and get to know more visitors arriving from the cruise ships. We'll share about corals, regeneration, and invite them to participate. Time for some new initiatives.

Heading down?  I aim to be in the area for about a month, más o menos.  Would be great to see you there!

Felíz año nuevo