Interview with Charles Forsman”Charles Forsman is a pretty young cartoonist and entrepreneur who already made considerable contributions to the North-American comics field, both with the works published through his small-press company, Oily Comics, and his own work such as The End of The Fucking World, Celebrated Summer and various mini-comics. His latest comic is a bit of a left-turn in his career having a lot more in common with Michel Fiffe’s Copra or Night Business by Ben Marra. Of course, Revenger is hardly tributary. The connection springs to mind simply because it is a stripped down violence comic influenced by pop-culture of yore created by a mini-comics person. There are bits and pieces that remind me of what other people are doing, but as a whole it’s very much Forsman’s. The linework is almost gentle, the sequences are very considered, there’s an interest in working with time, which I find to be very malleable in his comics and of course, it has the prevailing theme of disaffected youth. And he’s more than happy to sell it digitally through Gumroad. So when I stumbled on him online, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to exchange some emails over the digital distribution side of alternative comics.”