interview with Jeff Becerra of POSSESSED!

 #Possessed #Interview #deathmetal Interview with Jeff becerra of Possessed! Make sure you join the Possessed clan and subscribe to their mailing list right here-  What is up everyone how are you all doing tonight? The underground metal gamer is back with another exclusive interview. Tonight I am with Jeff becerra of the godfathers of death metal POSSESSED! Alright so we are going to jump right into it here, How are you doing tonight jeff! Ive got some questions prepared here for you are you ready   #1-What was it like working with Joe Satriani on the Eyes of horror album?   #2 we can notice a difference between the seven churches album's musical style and its production. what was different about the production on the  music of Beyond the gates  #3-Your first 2 albums have a very different feel and vibe than the eyes of horror EP. What inspired this change in musical direction?   #4-Can we talk a little bit about the accident and what you did to recoup and how does it feel to perform again and come out with such a killer album like REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION?   #5-How did you guys get back together after 32 years and create this new album, did you guys have to work through some things to get the magic back or did it just come naturally?  #6-Who are you guys working with now on The REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION album?  #7-What are you touring plans for the REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION album, do you plan on going to south america at all, and what festivals do you plan on performing at?  #8-Who influenced you to pick up a bass and start creating the music of possessed's SEVEN CHURCHES ALBUM?  #9-Can we talk a little bit about growing up in the 70s and the 80s when the music was so young and thriving, Are you upset with the changes in the industry of today and how do you feel about downloading and streaming?  #10-Are you willing to take any young and upcoming bands on tour with you guys in support of the REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION album?  #11-What are the lyrical themes and musical style of REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION and can you give the fans an idea of what to expect?   #12-As a musician your always writing and rewriting lyrics and how do you feel about the people who just dont get what possessed is all about and do you use this as inspiration to keep writing?   #13 what advice would you give upcoming musicans who are just starting out in this industry?  Alright guys i just want to thank jeff becerra for being here tonight and dont forget guys you can hear NO MORE ROOM IN HELL right now on youtube and the new album from possessed is being released on MAY 10th 2019! so make sure you pick it up!   Jeff could you please give a shout out to the grouped under Shadows of death records beretta HERCOBULUS   and barzakh they all sent your love to you  Copyright disclaimer Shadows of death records is featuring underground metal gamer Channel on YouTube to be promoted through Facebook with special guest vocalist Jeff Becerra's from   possessed. Shadows of death records is not affiliated with the group possessed on Shadows of death records label we are just paying tribute to Jeff & possessed for bringing this great music. and being a part of the Underground metal gamer Channel on YouTube.  Here is the Official Possessed WWW. If you could just push the mailing list and subs that would rock so well!  Here is the Official Possessed YouTube Channel:  Here is the Official Possessed Twitter:  Here is the Official Possessed Instagram:   Here is the Official Possessed Facebook: 

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