Into the Eye of Raven
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The concept for this drawing came to me while listening to music by Wardruna. If you don't know Wardruna, they are a Norwegian musical group whose project is based on Nordic spiritualism and the runes of the Elder Futhark. The music uses a lot of ancient and traditional instruments. It is earthy yet mystical.

My art is surreal and symbolic. I want it to reach a level of spiritualism. I want it to take me and other viewers out of our comfort zones just a little to make us feel and experience something we might not have before.

I want to tap into the great consciousness of the universe and share those visions with you. "Into the Eye of Raven" was a vision that came to me as I listened to Wardruna, most likely their song "Helvegen." In Norse mythology, Odin is often symbolized by the Raven. In Native American spirituality, Raven symbolizes The Great Unknown, or The Great Mystery. Raven can fly into the Unknown and return with answers that we seek. The wolf is a powerful symbol as well. In this case, the wolf is me. In this vision I fell into the Raven's eye, into the Great Mystery. Will I find answers there? Have I even returned from there? All of life is a beautiful Mystery that we should embrace. I'm learning to put a lot of fear aside and just cherish more of my time here. We must trust the Universe's plans for us.

During the vision, I was also riding on the Raven as he flew through the clouds. There was a strong wind that caused me to fall off. But Raven gracefully twirled through the sky, dove, and appeared beneath me. This is where Raven tilted his head, and I fell into the pool of his eye. But I did not fall to my death. We must trust in the Universe. We are here for a purpose. Everything happens according to a Divine and Magical plan. 

Original File Size: 14x11 inches at 600 ppi

Total time: approx 10 hours including sketching and studies

Wolf Daughter