Into the Urban Jungle
This week, we've got two new 20 Things articles for GMs running urban adventures or campaigns. One is designed to add depth to any graveyard-based adbventure while the others will--perhaps--add some moments of comedy or fun character-based roleplaying into your game.

I've also this week unleashed a new rant onto my personal blog entitled 6 Things I Hate About Module Presentation. I'd be very keen for you to take a look and let me know what you think. Do you agree or do you have different frustrations with how adventures are presented?  With my continuing design of Gloamhold, I'm--obviously--very keen to get your thoughts on this subject as I want to make the megadungeon as useable as possible. 

20 Gravestone Inscriptions

Adventurers frequently find themselves slipping into cemeteries. Perhaps, they are looking for clues to stop an undead uprising, hunting grave robbers or looking for a hidden or buried treasure. No matter, they are bound to examine many gravestones during their adventure.

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20 Odd Local Laws

Most local laws make sense to locals and visitors alike. However, some locals laws are odd, nonsensical or just downright weird.

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