Into the Wild Redux, Page Six
Originally, this was pages ten and eleven on the website.

I didn't change much on this one in terms of layout.  It's almost all neatened up art work.  Which is always a good thing when I'm doing this.  In the originals, I was starting to get consistency in characters from panel to panel.  But the designs were still way off.  Especially Aengus.  Poor guy.  I always knew how I wanted him to look, but I could never quite master it.

I've really gone ahead and worked these colors.  I like the emerald and Kelly greens that come out during the day, and I really love the purples that come out at night.  If nothing else, these pages have helped me with my coloring skills.

In digital media, it's easy to overlook the role of the colorist.  I used to just use the fill tool and move on.  But now that I've gotten much faster at drawing I'm taking my time with colors.  Thinking about light sources, putting together nice palettes, trying different bushes and techniques.

I've mentioned before how I like to batch out pages, working on the same step for a few pages at a time (pencils, pencils, pencils, inks, inks, inks, etc).  This project is no different, except I've been doing four or five pages at once instead of my usual three.  It's given me a lot of time with coloring.  I'm spending more time on that than on anything else, which makes sense - I love color!

I still have so much to learn in this regard, but comparing the differences here is like night and day.  Appropriate, as that is partly the subject of this particular page :).

Another thing that I've improved upon greatly is my backgrounds.  But we'll talk about that next time!