Another strip based on current events.  I've been drawing all day to get this finished, and it's now 11pm - but it feels nice to have gotten it done.

It's nice to have been able to take a day to turn an idea into a comic strip. And I can do that because of all the patrons here supporting me. Without you, this strip probably would have never gotten further than a doodle in my sketchbook. Thank you!

I'm going to keep this one private until Monday, so my patrons can get to see it early. But as usual, if you're supporting these cartoons at the $5 or above level, you can start sharing it right away. Everyone else, please wait until Monday. :-)

I don't think that leftist intolerance doesn't exist - obviously it does. I attended Oberlin College in the late 1980s, and the social pressure to conform to liberal beliefs could be stifling. I don't think it's actually changed very much, except that now social media makes everything that happens on campus into potential nationwide news.

But the media seems convinced that this is solely a problem with left-wingers; this strip is about how ridiculous that is.  The black bloc protesters in Seattle who broke windows were acting like jerks, and I don't approve of them hijacking a much larger peaceful protest to make it all about them. But it's not reasonable that a broken Bank of America window gets so much more coverage (and so much more hand-wringing) than a Republican official calling for a repeat of Kent State, or of a Milo fan actually shooting a protester. 

I read an article - I can't find it now, sorry - which pointed out that the shooting at the University of Seattle protest (referred to in the second panel of this strip) got much less coverage in newspapers than some Oberlin student who complained that the food served in the cafeteria was not authentic enough.

Anyhow, that was the inspiration for this strip. I hope the drawing looks good - it's hard for me to judge, so soon after I've finished drawing it. I think the dude in panel 2 is my favorite.

(I wrote a blog post  about the similar problems with how the media reacts to threats to free speech on campus. )

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!