Intro to Cartooning : Deconstructing Nancy
Starting a new cartooning class, this is an example of doing a study copy of a great cartoonists work in order to learn from it.

This one is after the work of Ernie Bushmiller. His Nancy comic was wildly successful and make cartoonists have admired and studied his remarkably consistent and iconic art. Along with Schultz and one other I plan to use their work as study assignments for my students.

This clip shows just the first few of what will be a series of sessions trying to get familiar with how Bushmiller worked. I picked him because he's an artist who's work i haven't really dived into deeply myself yet, so I can start at scratch like potentially my students in Intro to Cartooning.

Like my last clip, I recomend doing several of these of your favourite artists best drawings, in a systematic fashion targeting both a general understanding of the tools and skills they used, and specific issues with your own work you want to work on.

Here's the image I used as refrence,

It's part of a set of Ernie Bushmiller art and links i've posted here.

I mention a way to remove the colors from scanned art to leave just inks, that's part of this clip here. The color replace trick is at 3:16 -

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note this post on Cartooning styles, from Noodle arms and Bigfoot, to superheros.

Music is by Professor Umlaut Kevin MacLeod