Introducing: The "Untamed" Blood Patron Reward
Recently, we've had a number of requests for higher Patreon tier rewards (seriously, we're not just saying that).

Our response is that we want all rewards that affect Untap functionality to be no more than $5 for everyone, therefore any rewards above and beyond would have to be cosmetic only.

Hence why we've come up with the "Untamed" Blood Patron reward which is only for those hardcore fans who wish to pledge the $20 per month or more tier.

We are also working on implementing all Blood Patrons to be grouped under the mods in the online user list, to better show your superiority.

NOTE: Due to the way Patreon API works, this badge will only be active on your account as long as the pledge is active at that dollar value. If you choose to reduce it to $5 or cancel your pledge entirely, it will automatically be removed from your account at that time.

Bring the Blood!