Introducing the Wondermark project podcast
I'm starting a new podcast, and you're invited! 

Listen to the teaser in this very post!

Ever since Tweet Me Harder ended, I've remained interested in doing another podcast. (Now that Patreon is a thing, I bet we could have figured out how to monetize that show, if we hadn't been so far ahead of our time.

But while audio production doesn't HAVE to be elaborate and complicated, doing something that sounds good, on a sensible schedule, with a likeminded collaborator or collaborators who may have schedule constraints of their own, has since then always been a bar just a bit too high for me to reach.

Until now. Patreonauts, you are going to be my guinea pigs for a new podcast that is going to follow along behind the scenes as I work on something very special—the next, long-overdue, book collection of Wondermark strips.

The podcast will be a sort of journal related specifically to the design, production, Kickstarting, printing, and fulfillment of this particular project. 

You'll get to follow along through the entire process as I explain all the things that are happening behind the scenes with the production of the book, and the decisions being made along the way, that I normally wouldn't bother to share (but that end up making up most of the actual process). 

If you're interested in book design, or crowdfunding, or project management generally, or just want to listen as I (SURELY) encounter unexpected problems and have to figure out how to deal with them, this will be the show for you.

Here are the creative decisions I have already made that will make this podcast possible:

• At least for now, it'll be Patreon-only. It won't be available on outside services. That's because it's not really intended to be a piece of marketing—rather, it's a reward for my patrons. Like Amazon Prime continuing to give you additional benefits with your existing subscription.

The distinction, at least in my mind, is that the podcast will be a show for people who are already interested in Wondermark, and in my sensibility. It's bonus commentary on the DVD, rather than the movie itself. 

That takes some of the performance pressure off, and it also allows me to talk “inside baseball” without wondering if a general audience can follow along. 

• The production will be simple: I'll talk into a mic, and then upload the file. I'll try my best to make it sound decent at the recording stage so that post-production doesn't become a bottleneck. Again, because this is a “bonus feature” I think making simplicity a feature rather than a bug will remove some of the performance pressure that comes with setting out to make a finished, polished piece of creative material. Which means? IT MAY BE BAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

• It'll be for patrons at the (just-added) $3 tier or higher. Access to all text and video posts, including 2 Minutes to Wondermark, will continue to be accessible at $2, but since audio content is more time-consuming for me to make, I want to put a slight premium on it. A buck a month feels like the right premium to me.

• Patrons on our Discord chat can ask any Wondermark or related questions they like, and if I get enough questions, I'll do occasional Q+A episodes.

• It won't be on a set schedule; I'll record it as I have time, or when there is some development in the project to report.

My hope is that you'll find it interesting to follow along as I embark upon a project that will be sure to have lots of twists and turns! 

Every time I do a big project like this I think, “If only I had been keeping a journal, or doing recordings along the way, to keep track of all the minutiae that readers and customers will never see, but that are a necessary and inevitable part of any project, and that I personally find fascinating.” 

Well, this time I'm doing it.

I’ve just posted the first episode! Check it out!! 

To listen to the podcast, you can play it directly from Patreon, or, copy your unique Patreon-specific RSS feed URL and paste it into your favorite podcast app. 

If you have feedback, leave a comment on this post, or any episode's post! 

If you have specific questions you want me to answer on the podcast itself, leave a comment on our Discord channel.

Maybe this podcast will end up only having ONE EPISODE, and if so, well, that's fine I guess. You'll at least get to hear how the story starts. 

I hope you check it out AND that you enjoy the listen!!