Introducing the 2018 #Millennial Gift
This was a big year for #Millennial with the launch of our new album art, featuring adorable friends like Avocado Toast and Donut.

In light of this rebranding, this year's #Millennial gift celebrates our podcast and the life of a millennial. Our complimentary gift to Facebook Official Patrons is a set of four stickers featuring our new friends!

The #Millennial Sticker Set stars Avocado Toast, Donut, Trumpster Fire, and the world's most inseparable couple, Peach and Eggplant. These die cut stickers measure roughly 4 inches by 4 inches and were printed on durable vinyl material that can resist sunlight, scratches, and water. In short, they're high-quality stickers.

All four stickers will be mailed to Facebook Official Patrons in late September / early October. Now is the time to MAKE SURE THE ADDRESS WE HAVE ON FILE FOR YOU IS UP TO DATE

If you'd like to receive the gift but you aren't a Patron, or you're not already at the Facebook Official level, it's not too late! Anyone who pledges at the Facebook Official Level by September 31, and remains a Facebook Official Patron for a minimum of three months, will automatically become eligible. It's a pretty smart move... we offer tons of cool benefits.

For those of you who are signing up now: First, thank you! Second, stickers will be shipped to you in very late 2018 or early 2019, depending on when you cross the three-months-at-Facebook-Official threshold. We only have 150 spots at this level, so you must become a member while spots are open.

We can't wait to get these stickers in the mail, and to see where you place them! Thank you, as always, for your support.

Note: We have previously said that a handwritten letter would be the 2018 gift. Due to a snag, we have decided to push this gift to 2019.