Introducing: Quests
We are introducing a new activity in Metadevelopment called Quests.

Quests are small projects you can do during a two week interval. The goal of each quest is to experiment with a given skill, methodology or idea in a timeboxed manner. 

There will be around 24 quests every year. The quests will cover the majority of our training materials and skills we consider fundamental

Also, we will have a live Retro session every 2 weeks on the weekend to discuss the progress and  context of every quest. If you feel confident and comfortable, you can share your progress during the Retro session to get feedback from other members of Metadevelopment! 

Every new quest will be announced at noon every other Saturday both on Slack and Patreon. 

A Retro session will take place every other Sunday evenings on Crowdcast. 

We will start with quests in January 2019.

Here is what you need to know about quests: 

  • If you are a patron on 10$+ tier of subscription, you will have access to all quests and Retros.
    The quests will be announced in Slack. We will have all discussions around quests and research in Slack. Some ideas will get into the Digest.
  • All quests will have two phases: research and experiment.
    Try to make research phase as short as possible and focus on getting results as soon as possible.
  • We will provide the first small steps for both research and experiment.
    You are encouraged to find and analyse more materials and share them with the community. The main goal, however, is to find the easiest actions you can take to progress.
  • If you are have taken a quest, you are encouraged to share your research and write a short summary of your progress and experience.
    Do not focus on successful completion and getting great results. You should focus on what insights you got while trying things out and what you can improve in the future or use immediately.
  • We will use the practical assignments from our trainings as source for quests. 
  • You are not expected to take part in all quests!
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