Introducing Legacy 2e!
Playtest link here:

In this document I’ve put together a sampling of the rules and moves that make up the 2nd edition. We’re just testing the new mechanics at the moment; the full book will also have a bunch more play advice and examples (another way the 1st edition fell short). If you're interested in giving the book a look, all patrons at $1+ have access to a current draft!

Please take these sheets, read them, play with them and let me know what you think.


It’s been more than two and a half years after I first sent Legacy: Life Among the Ruins out into the world. In that time, the game has picked up a loyal community, we’ve released more books packed with great ideas from unexpected sources, and the Powered by the Apocalypse and broader story game community has made huge strides figuring out how to write games that entertain, challenge, and prompt unexpected feelings in their players.

There’s also been a bunch of interesting new fiction sources released that have inspired me to write more Legacy material, from Mad Max: Fury Road to The Fifth Season. With the lessons we’d learned over the years and some tantalising new ideas, we set out to make a new version of Legacy: bigger, bolder and better designed.

Legacy is a game about adapting to the upheavals that have upset your world, holding close to those dear to you, and building a new life together. Especially in these current times, I’d rather tell stories of recovery than stories of destruction - I hope you agree!

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