Introducing...$5 Reward Tier!
Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce that as of right now there is now a new $5 reward tier available. Anyone who signs up for this level (or higher) will gain access to a monthly blog post, in addition to all posts for Luk and email notifications for Asteria. For a sneak peek of topics to come check out the following list:
  • Why YouTube's response about the Logan Paul video matters
  • Han Solo is Rey's father, regardless of blood relations
  • Why diversity in games is important
  • Overwatch, or "Well, I'm dead again."
  • How The Martian's Mark Watney has helped me
  • Why feminism is important/important for men
  • Book Review: The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
  • Education vs School
  • Millennials and Generation Z: our time is now