Introducing: The Promote Everyone Project!
Hi! Some of you may have heard about a little club I'm in with some other Patreon creators, where we share ideas and help promote each others' work and campaigns! 

We are starting a project called "Promote Everyone Project" wherein we, you guessed it, promote each other! 

How it works: This month (February) I will be promoting Fox/Hey Kitty while a different creator promotes me! When I reach my growth goal for the month, that creator will make something for me to share with my patrons, and when Fox reaches the monthly  goal, I will create a post to share with Hey Kitty's patrons (and my own patrons as well!). 

 Next month, we'll be swapping out to promote and be promoted by new partners! 

I'm really excited about this project, so let's show some love and check out - a webcomic about an anthroid (anthro android!) superhero with a lot of heart!

Interested in joining the PatreonCreator Club? Join our Discord channel here:


MEANWHILE, In regards to my own work, I'm busy preparing to launch a kickstarter for Volume 3 of Title Unrelated! You might notice if you glance at my profile that I've added reward tiers to my Patreon page again! I'm hoping to start doing a monthly tutorial/behind the scenes post. 

So stay tuned, and help spread the word if you can! I'd like to see if I can get 1 or 2 new Patrons each month this year! 

Thanks for reading!