Introducing PathFighters!
First off, credit for the art piece goes to dodeqaa - it has absolutely nothing to do with this post other than it's Pathfinder related and to serve as an eye-catch.

Now that I've hopefully got your attention...

What is PathFighters?

-> It's mini adventures, adventure sites, and good old fashioned donjons (*cough* ahem... I mean dungeons) for you to use in your Pathfinder RPG sessions. They are absolutely free community content and use the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rule-set and supplements.

The writing is somewhat minimalist. The intent is to have enough material so that you can drop these into any setting (or even other d20 or medieval fantasy systems) but have enough depth that you can wing it on any given off-night where you're completely unprepared. Just add a couple names and presto! Instant adventure. 

The PathFighters series is a non-commercial project so it opens what we can use up to other supplemental books besides whats listed in the Compatibility License. Although we *do* hope you'll contribute to us so we can continue to bring you new free content (both published books and non-commercial projects) to use in your games.

Why the name PathFighters? 

-> Well, because most of the time, it's going to be instant action! Also because Jeremy couldn't think of a good name, and that was better than the alternatives. It won't all be combat, but since the writing is a bit minimal, most of the keyed entries will detail areas where a fight is likely to happen (although this won't always be the case). 

Why are you making these?

-> We were sick of not having a release out every month. We over-estimated the amount of time we could put into our publications given our current (super tiny) budget. So, the bossman hosted a poll on Twitter about what kind of content people wanted from us that we know we could do at least once a month while we work on our publications...

Almost overwhelmingly (over new classes/races, blog posts, stories, magic items, etc.) the answer was for adventure sites/dungeons. So we settled on focusing to bring out at least one new mini-adventure or dungeon a month.

The first one is ready...we think...for web publishing tonight!

However, we want to review and edit it one more time, so look forward to PathFighters #1 out tomorrow!

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