Introducing Violet and Hot Pink
I know they'll feel right at home here. :)

Thanks to everyone who made it to the broadcast! My apologies it was cut short. We'll either be on the hunt for a new broadcasting home, or I will have to accept that these monthly fees for proper broadcasting ability are just the cost of doing business nowadays. Really, it's a good thing. Outgrowing space is a sign of progress. :)

Right?! ::battle cry::

While we're thinking about it, (if you haven't already) now's the right time to upgrade to a $25 or higher tier! I'm starting a spicy new batch of watercolor rewards. (Including everyone from the last many months. If you haven't received one yet, I'm talking to you.)

Each little watercolor is like a fingerprint of my current creativity, made and obsessed over by me personally. And maybe it's the dull chill of late January, but right now I feel like warming things up a bit. ❤︎

If you want in on this round, don't be left out

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