Introducing myself and my family
Well first of all I want to introduce myself, I'm a Malaysian,who do not have anything special about myself but I would try my best to draw anything,although it's not that pretty...πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…,my mother is a teacher,but my father couldn't work because he suffered from somekind of mother needs to support our family of 6 by herself for the 7 years and so on,my father is an aggressive person who gets angry really easily,and can't talk nicely to other people including his own family,he never helps his own family,when he has some money in his pocket he never help mother to clear all debt that mother use to pay my father's medical treatment,instead of helping us he gives all the money that he has to his "friends",he believes in god too,(or maybe too believe in god),he said "parents do not need to respect their children ,but children respect parents is a must",well,my family are now running out of and I'm still studying,and I'm graduating this year,still got 9 months until I graduate,my mom doesn't let me work,and my family are now running out of money,so I think this is my responsibility to help out my family as the eldest daughter,and drawing is my only skill ,so I'll try my best😊😊😊