Introducing Easy Allies Clips
Communication with our community is something we want to improve here at Easy Allies. In the past few weeks, we've seen several comments and suggestions regarding putting something more bite-sized on our main channel regarding our Twitch streams that really highlights the best moments from them. It's a staple of many big YouTube and Twitch channels out there.

Today we would like to introduce Easy Allies Clips, our own attempt at bringing you a compilation of entertaining clips from the previous week's streams. Easy Allies Clips is also made largely in thanks to the contributions of our community as all the clips are created by various viewers of our streams.

This is just the initial installment of this weekly series. We want to hear your feedback regarding how we can improve it. Most importantly, this is something that all of you now have a large role in helping make. We hope this encourages more viewership of our Twitch streams and leads to many more clips made by our community that will eventually find their way into this highlight reel each week.

Edit: For the next video, we will lock credits in the same space in each clip and use a lower third graphic so it shows up better. Also, we will include links to the source VODs in the description.


- Damiani