Introducing Scarcity for Patrons to gain Value
By limiting the number of times a design is printed, the resale value of the designs will increase. making it a better investment for the patrons to support this project.

ok, as you see in the picture, (top right, below the title bar) there are three levels of scarcity. Rare, Limited, and Unlimited.

the bottom number is the TOTAL amount that will be printed into circulation. Meaning for the Rare designs, there will only be 13 in existence and will never be reprinted, when a design runs out, it will be replaced by a new design, that will also be Rare.

Unlimited designs will be printed as many times as they are purchased out of stock.

Limited designs will be attained only by patrons, and will not be sold. they will simply be awarded to the patrons after each printing. except for the following reason: retiring designs.

Retiring designs is only happening because i want all of the designs to match the silhouette / light interaction style. so all the designs that aren't will be sold as if they were unlimited, but once they reach 52 in existence, they will no longer be printed. this is a one time thing, to uniform the style of the lands. (if you receive one without a number, that means it's one of the first ten in existence)


there will only be 15 active unlimited designs at a time. and when I have less than that, or when I've designed a new set, I'll print 10 copies of each of the active designs, in addition to any needed patron-only lands. (these numbers will be adjusted to the success of the project)