Introducing Josh the Jack-O-Lantern & Penny the Pumpkin
Hello friends!

Today’s update was meant to be posted on Halloween, but due to personal complications I didn’t get the chance to debut the first set of Cosmic Fluffs then. Regardless, Penny and Josh are the first fluffs I designed and created. I put a lot of love into these fluffs and their background story, which I will be posting in more detail on my exclusive Patreon feed.

The month of November will be really special! Not only will I have Penny and Josh available for adoption, but I have two other cosmic fluffs in the works for this month as well. I will be posting more about that later on.

Yes, for this month only, the ~*Exclusive Plushie*~ reward will give you the option of picking from Penny, Josh, and two surprise cosmic fluffs.

Josh the Jack-O-Lantern and Penny the Pumpkin are part of the Wanderers Clan in the world of Estrella Cosma. This is the world of the Cosmic Fluffs. The king has been overthrown and these little fluffs are on a mission to find help to send back to the kingdom. Their home was destroyed by the Mangled Hollows and now Estrella Cosma is under the rule of Queen Espada. Will Josh and Penny be able to find help in time?

Penny loves to sing. Josh loves to play pranks. They have both been friends since their tiny fluff days. Sometimes, Josh invites Penny to karaoke because he knows she really enjoys singing duets. 

Both Penny and Josh are part of the Wanderers Clan. They are the Cosmic Fluffs sent out on missions to create and find the pure cosmic essence that resides deep within the Realm of Eden. Many say the Wanderers’ are “basic” but Josh and Penny are full of passion and love what they do.


To find out more about Penny and Josh as well as the world of Estrella Cosma, please make sure to follow the Patreon for future updates. There will be exclusive tarot readings with more plot development and sketches and progress pictures of cosmic fluffs to come!

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