Introducing! Adventure Poetry Audio Series: Gracetopher Kirk "Quixotic" #1

We're brainstorming a Patreon Rewards Revamp, but while we're doing that, we're still releasing exclusive content to our supporters on our Patreon page. This week, we're really excited to announce the start of an Adventure Poetry Audio Series, and we're kicking it off by featuring the amazing work of Gracetopher Kirk, one of Oregon's Best Emerging Poets. 

We met Gracetopher at Portland Boldly Went where they shared their adventure story with us that was subsequently featured in the Boldly Went Podcast, Ep. 102. Shortly after meeting at that event, Gracetopher set out on their PCT hike in 2018 on a shoestring budget and funded their way by posting their writing on their own Patreon Page

It was during that time that we started chatting about the accessibility of poetry to outdoors enthusiasts and athletes, and that's where this Adventure Poetry Audio Series was born.

The idea behind the series is that the master poet, in this instance Gracetopher, selects one of their original poems, in this episode, "Quixotic" then recites the poem aloud while recording. Afterwards they share their interpretations and context of their poem. The cycle repeats a couple times so that by the end of the 10-minute-or-so episode you have been able to listen to the poem twice in the poet's own voice. 

In this first episode, Gracetopher describes more about what this creation is, why they are perfectly suited to partner on this, and how their values align with the values of Boldly Went.

The hope is that this format will bring Gracetopher's poetry to your ears during your adventures, and give you the chance to really listen and digest each poem while you're out exploring the land you love. In turn, this poetry will help you discover things about the land you're exploring and/or yourself making your journeys richer and more meaningful.

Right now, right here you can start listening to #1 of our brand new Adventure Poetry Audio Series featuring the poetry of Gracetopher "McGuyver" Kirk. 

  • I encourage you to give it a visit Gracetopher's Patreon Page and throw some dollars in the pot to support their poetry talent. 
  • Another way to support Gracetopher is by getting your own copy of their just-published-book, McGuyver's Trail Poetry: Mile 1 which was inspired by their PCT hike last year. 

Anyone can listen to this here on our Patreon page, so share it around! Did you know that our Patreon supporters receive a link to a private RSS feed which means that all audio content that we upload to our Patreon page automatically feeds to your podcast player. This tool makes it possible for you to listen to this Series while you're in the field as it's intended. If you're not already our Patreon supporter, consider it! Your support gives you this private RSS link, but even more important, your support is vital to helping sustain the Boldly Went podcast and other Boldly Went productions like this adventure poetry podcast.

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