Introducing National No Writing Month

November is almost upon us, and with it one of the prime months of the year for writers comparing productivity with each other, an activity that is itself quite productive, if what one is trying to produce is anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.

I don't like that very much. And as I look around me, I see more writers who need a break from productivity obsession than I see writers who are in need of a 50k monthy word count goal. So I'm creating a new #NaNoWriMo - National No Writing Month.

The point of National No Writing Month is not to not write, unless you want it to be. You can write as much as you want during this month, and I will not complain. But unless you're zombie Isaac Asimov, you'll spend some time during november not writing.

The goal of National No Writing Month is not to feel bad about it. Not writing does not make you a bad person. Not meeting your productivity goals does not make you a failure. And I see many, many writers for whom anxiety over these things is a significant barrier to them doing the writing they want. So I'm going to hold up this month as a time to stand up against those feelings and seek an attitude that is friendlier to yourself.

This can, of course, apply to other artists as well. Maybe next year I'll run #thinktober for people who shouldn't feel bad about spending the month planning future illustrations.