Introducting Learn Ionic 3 From Scratch
I’m excited to announce the release of “Learn Ionic 3 From Scratch” in early access. This is the combination of the last few months work and represents the beginning of a long journey into making this the number one resource for everything Ionic 3. 

I'll still be uploading content daily and I’m committed to providing straight up, no fluff videos! None of this changes anything else going on, and in fact, it further cements my goals for providing a complete experience across the board.

If you’re looking to develop your Ionic knowledge further, I’d wholeheartedly recommend my course. By purchasing right now, you’re getting access to the course at it’s lowest price point. 

I’m expecting a full “release” version of the course (i.e. with multiple projects) to be finished by mid May. I’ll continue adding projects to it in the same way as my other media, but my predictions are for multiple applications to be up and running within the course by that point.

We’re looking at everything from Firebase, to (hopefully) every single Ionic Native plugin, component, and more. I’ve got a welcome bonus where you can get the course for £10 in this stage here:

Love to have a chat with all of you regarding this,


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