Life presents us with a series of challenges and they are but questions posed to us in the form of events, which occasion us to give a response. That response is completely internal. How we respond shows us and our brothers and sisters the essence of who we are and what we believe ourselves to be at a particular juncture in time. It does not necessarily show who and what we are as BEING, rather what we are as HUMAN. When we can fuse the two and be as perfect HUMAN’S BEING we are then synthesising the two aspects of our lives into a whole. 

The challenges I have faced in my 6 decades in this lifetime are the same ones you have faced and are facing. The events may be very different and varied but the process of life, of which we are part, and therefore to some degree have control over, gives us the opportunity for experiencing the same emotions, time and time again; just presented in different contexts. 

I have found that I have little control of the events, well not on a conscious level anyway, but I have control over how I respond to those events.  How have I responded to fear, guilt, being overweight, being underweight, being frightened for a loved one, frightened about leaving home yet wanting to, betrayal, relationship, children being born, cancer, loneliness, feeling useless, growing old, confrontation and fear of change. These are some of my ‘traumas’ and we all have them. I have come to see that some of these things we should be wearing as a badge of honour, of our humanity not shrinking in some analyst’s office agreeing to their assessment that we are mentally ill or deeply psychologically disturbed. Well! In that case aren’t we all that?

No we are not. We are fine, not guilty, not less than anyone else. We are what we are, because we are what we are.