This was an introduction piece to my story Nightmare, which has been in the making since 2013.

Panel 1-

Mary: "Those angels are fighting again."

Panel 2-

Young Constance: "Mama, why do the angels fight?"

Mary: "To protect us, Connie. God made the angels so they could fight all the evil in the world to protect all creatures on earth."

Panel 3-

Mary (continued): "God made it so that all the angels were brothers and sisters. And sometimes, siblings fight. But no matter what, they have to protect. Even if it means they may die. God gave them a job, everything has a purpose.

Young Constance: "Just like daddy?"

Mary: "Well, I suppose-"

Panel 4-

Young Constance: "I don't want him to protect us! I want him to be happy and safe!"

Panel 5-

Mary: "Oh Constance, your daddy is an incredibly powerful angel..."

Panel 6-

Mary (continued): "And you're strong too."

Panel 7-

Mary (continued): "Stronger than you may ever know."