About four years ago I started writing and recording my first album. I won't tell the whole long story, but I will say, it's wasn't a path I thought I would ever take. It just happened. Right place. Right time. Right people. Before "Fragile Strength" was released in December of 2013 I had already started work on my second album.

Now, this second time around has been a different experience in two major ways. First, I am writing the whole album (I wrote half on "FS") and second, I have been able to perform all of the songs live which has helped them to develop and grow and change. After one show recently, one band member said "I think it's obvious now that you are a talented songwriter with something to say". I'm still not completely convinced but I am proud of the work that is happening.

Some have asked me when I'm doing another Kickstarter and how they can contribute. I feel this is a way I can keep an ongoing connection with everyone and of the progress of this second album and beyond.

Thank your for visiting and for your support.