Introduction: Jetty & BEASU
Born in Korea and raised in different sectors of Asia, Jetty is one of many striving to realise his ultimate goal: live a life by simply doing what he believes he is born to do. His passion for street culture and Hip Hop cultivated over the years has raised a desire to create his wildest thoughts and philosophies into something tangible and real. And thus, BEASU was born. 

BEASU is simply a brand representing the importance of understanding one's self and being one's self. Society has a tendency to place individuals into a ranking system, which unfortunately seeps into our essence. Countless have been constantly demeaned for simply being different. Equality exists within individuality and one's own individuality must first be recognised by one's self in order for others to realise the shine. 

BEASU is a brand that exists to remind people of this truth. Everything produced by BEASU is a representation of this concept. BEASU is and will forever be for everyone.