Introduction and Invocation to the Audience
Hello, everyone! Obligatory introductory post here. This is place where we can discuss our thoughts and ideas. I have many thoughts on may things, especially theatre. Blog posts will be weekly. Each week, I will be discussing  a play, or a character in a play. The first on the docket is No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre. 

Pictures will be weekly for $5 and up patrons, and every other week for $2 patrons. 

Videos will be every other week for $10 and up, and weekly for $5 patrons. 

And you lovely people on the god tier, you get all of that and you get to ask me anything. That's right! Every wonder what the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow is? Or the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Well, I probably don;t have those answers. But I promise to at least be amusing. 

Go forth and make good art!